Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy, busy...

I'm posting to say I am too busy to post. Crazy. Our offer was accepted on the house, and the bank wants to COE by 10/15. We've got work to do on this house so we can list it, we've made 100 calls regarding 100 things on the new house. Many inspections. We get to pay for them all, of course. But overall, we are very excited! Will post more when I have the time. In about 4 years... =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before Summer Ended

Greg took the girls for a bike ride in the trailer. It was Maren's first time! She was so excited. I think she is really becoming aware that she is getting to do things she has had to be a bystander for in the past. I think Greg said they went 12 miles or so. In 100 degree heat. Good times.

A few people have been asking if we have heard anything about the house, and no, we haven't. Our offer is good until Sept 11th. The bank postponed the foreclosure until Sept 14th to take a look at our offer. According to our realtor, we are in the best possible position. When we took my Mom out there, we could tell the house had been shown to other people. I had our realtor ask if we were the only offer they had, and there are back up offers on the property now. I was upset and fretted for a day, then decided that whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen. And then let it go. Maybe I'm just afraid of change. Maybe I'm worried we won't like it. Maybe I'm sad to give up my wonderfully perfect for me scrapbook space.
Who knows.

But then it was all good again...

Teagan started Preschool this week. It's a small class, only 10 kids, 6 boys 4 girls. I hope more girls sign up, Teagan wants a little friend SO bad. She was excited to go, and I didn't cry on that day either!

She asked me to take 1 more picture before I left, and she posed for this one.

And then this happened...

Yep. That would be a broken arm. Fractured just below her elbow. How could this happen you ask? Well, let's just say that I doubt anyone will be jumping off the swivel desk chair anytime soon.... Teagan got *lots* of snuggles and love from me and Nana (Greg was out of town). I almost worry that she likes the extra attention so much that she'll do things like this just to get more. Almost always smiling though, true to Teagan's personality. She told the girl that was wrapping her cast that her brother would like a blue cast. I asked if they could put it on his mouth.

I haven't let anyone sign it yet, I think that will make it look junky. She goes back to the Dr on Friday to make sure it's healing right.

Some photos of the 'Firsts'

Big D started 1st grade on the 24th. Just in the nick of time too, as I felt like I would not survive another week of not knowing what to do with him.... We got a supply list from his teacher and he was excited to pick out his supplies. We ended up getting him a big boy backpack at Costco. I didn't want him to get teased for having a Spiderman one (sad huh?).

Since my Mom is here, I could drive him to school (at the butt crack of dawn might I add...) and wait there with him until he went into the classroom. I didn't cry this year! I was scared and excited for him. Looking forward to hearing about his first day. After school I took him to Cold Stone Creamery and had some one on one Mommy time.