Saturday, December 27, 2008

There is nothing which is more necessary and more precious in the experience of human childhood than parental love.... nothing more precious, because the parental love experienced in childhood is moral capital for the whole of life.... It is so precious, this experience, that it renders us capable of elevating ourselves to more sublime things--even divine things. It is thanks to the experience of parental love that our soul is capable of raising itself to the love of God. --Meditations on the Tarot

Friday, December 5, 2008

I know.. I know....

It's been like foreva. And a major holiday. Well, let's see, the kids were out of school for the week of Thanksgiving. This entire week has been minimum days for parent teacher conferences, which means that Declan has gone to school in the morning instead of the afternoon. I'm not a morning person. The days that Teagan had preschool I drove back and forth to the school 3 times. Whew.
Greg has done a few more house projects, like adding shelves under the stairs. I actually took pictures so I could post the before and after, but the after part isn't done yet.
Another 'lost' dog made his way to my house. It was a little boston terrier, who Greg called "Spaz" and Declan called "Sebaz." Luckily "Oreo" did make his way back home, but he spent the night here. That was good times. Declan and I made a big "FOUND DOG" sign that we're just going to keep since all lost dogs come here. I'm sure Oreo won't be the last.
That's it for today, as I just realized the snack I packed for Declan's backpack is still sitting on the island in the kitchen.....