Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicken Math...

Lesson 1 Probability: If you get one, you will probably get more...

Lesson 2: Addition: If you add one, you will definitely add another, so no one is "lonely"

Lesson 3: Division: No matter your best intentions, you will need to divide your chickies into more individual groups than you originally anticipated, which won't work, so see Lesson #4 Multiplication

Lesson 4: Multiplication: Coops and brooders must multiply by 3, every 6 months.

Lesson 5: Algebra: X number of chickens will always produce Y number of chickens, of which Z amount will actually be claimed as "real" "countable" chickens.

Lesson 6: Calculus: If Z amount of chickens are not actual chickens, and only Y can equal Z, then R must equal two times S, which means A is less than B, ...and if A is less than B, then you still have room for more before you are considered a hoarder!!

I got that from SunnyCalifornia on Backyard Chickens. 

With that said, get ready for some total cuteness!  The following are the breeds, not their names.  I'm not sure these gal's are going to have names, trying to not make 'pets' out of them.  Just too upsetting if something happens to them....

 Barred Rock
 Brown Leghorn
 Blue Andalusian...  jury is out, looks like a boy to me.
 Cochin (has feathered legs)
Rhode Island Red 
 Ameruacana (Easter Egger) #1
 Ameruacana (Easter Egger) #2
Gotta love chicken math...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nermackerdoshious. AKA Otis.

My little Co-pilOtis.  Naughty Otis.  Oter-rifriskris.
No one has velvetier ears than you. No one can do the 'gig' better than you. Man, will I ever miss you.....

Dec 2000 - March 2011