Thursday, October 27, 2011

Been Busy Bees Over Here!

Well.  We've been sanding, drilling, prepping, painting.  All the while taking kids to soccer practice 4 nights a week and games every Saturday.  Toss a little (ha!) laundry, the occasional grocery trip, volunteering at the school (I'm the room Mom for Teagan's 1st grade class, and I run a book club in Declan's 3rd grade class) and general household chores leaves me no time for blogging.
But because I would like to see the progress we've made, here are some recent pictures of the house!
We have had the house/porch painted, new screens and shutters.  This is looking down to the house from the garage.
At the beginning of summer I bought outdoor fabric yardage to sew my own pillows for the patio furniture.  I am really good at sewing zippers in pillows now, after making at least 20 pillows.  Many, many thanks go to my Mom, who cut all the fabric into the sizes I needed for the pillow forms I bought at Ikea. 

Won't you come sit on my porch?

Remember when it looked like this????
I've also been busy decorating for Halloween.  From years past you know this is a big deal for the Loop kiddos.  I've been also going thru closets and donating unused/unneeded things.  Seems like I always have a pile waiting to be taken to Goodwill. 
You can see the "Loop Art Gallery" on the wall there, I took individaul pictures of the art and finally took it all down.  It was up since summer, as were the tissue pom-poms I made for Teagan's birthday party in June.....
I'll be back with more pictures when I get a chance to take them, but thanks for looking for now!

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Obvious Hiatus...

One day, once I catch my breath, I will blog again. I promise!