Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Playset - ala'complete!

I got the wild hair to paint it like the house. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's just jump right in ...

With a snake picture!  Apparently they like the nice warm weather too. 

No big deal really, except that I had *just* gone down these steps 1 minute before.  I turned around to go back up and there he was.  The close up picture is actually taken with the mac-daddy zoom on my camera.  I'm no where near this close to the snake.  See the open door to the left?  Yep, that's right where he went.  Into the garage....  I just got the willies typing that.

We had a boy turn 8.  This was at his party at Incredible John's.  The Las Vegas like Chuck E. Cheese in Roseville.  Fun was had by all!

We cleared an area in the back yard for a play set.  There had been a wooden floor with cement footings here.  Greg broke it all apart with the tractor and flattened the area. 
The play set is cool, with the exception that none of the parts were labeled.  It's okay, we just figured it out ourselves, measuring each. and. every. piece, then labeling with all of the post it notes we owned.  After about 4 hours we had to cover it all up with tarps and head in because it started to rain.
No worries though right?  Well, we didn't get back out there to work on assembly until the next weekend.  Giving some critter plenty of time to chew all the post it notes off and build a nest under the tarp.  Yep, we're giving like that.....
The instructions said this would take 2 people 10-12 hours to build.  Hahahahahahahaha.... breathe. hahahahahaha.  And we used power tools.  The idiots in the video are screwing everything with the smart little tool by hand.  The spiral slide is 2-3 more hours of nothing but pure. fun.

Glad to say that after about 1 month of working around weather, sore backs, and other activities, the play set is now complete!  I will go take a picture of it today.  We decided to put this up so that the kids had something to play on while we start to grade down hill for the garden.  See the blue tarp off the right side of the above picture?  That is the greenhouse Greg gave me for my birthday last year.  That project should go just about as well, considering those boxes have sat outside for winter rain, snow, not to mention GOATS.  They loved to run up on the box and chew on it until I almost got there, then tear off of it.  *(&^% goats.

Well, off to clean things up to take to the children's consignment store.  Wish me luck!