Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here's a few pictures...

Here are the 3 Loop-kins on the first day of school. Declan started 4th grade, Teagan is in 2nd and Maren is in Transitional Kindergarten. This will be the first time in over 9 years that I will be home alone during the day. Bliss.
I ordered a light for over my sink, it plugged right into the recessed can! 
This is the before:

This is the after:

I had high hopes of getting all of my Halloween decor put out this weekend, but didn't.  We did get some irrigation on the citrus trees we planted up the hill, but that was about it.
I'm still wading through my pictures on my camera and need to spend some time getting organized so I can maybe start blogging again!
If you came by and read this, THANKS!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm excited for FALL!

Can you tell?  I told Greg I'm decorating for Halloween/Fall on September 1st.  It's by far my very most favorite time of the year!  I used to love Spring, but with allergies, we had a falling out.

So, many things have been going on, and I took a break from blogging about life to just living it.  Just a recap of the past few months:
~ A month of swim lessons for all Loop children.  Turns out they are all fish.  This cam just in time for....
~ A Mexican Cruise for my Mother In Law's birthday.  Fun was had by all.
~ Missing my Teagan for almost a MONTH, she rode home with Grandma to Arizona after the cruise.
~ Getting a visit from my brother and Dad, whom also delivered my Teagan back to me.
~ALL 3 Loops starting school last week!

I've got a "to do" list a half mile long, but will be back to post pictures and other tid bits of interest in a few days!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing Lily White!

I mentioned our new car a few posts back, here she is.  All pretty and clean, here is Lily White!  She is a 2012 Toyota Camry SE (which means she's zippy).  She's already been to the car hospital to get a new gas tank and rocker panel (due to a road hazard puncturing her tank and cracking the rocker panel...).  This is after we picked her up and she had just been detailed.  Did I mention we live on a dirt (well, now muddy) road?  She won't look like this for long.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Happened Here too!

Here are the 3 little Loops in their Christmas jammies.  They got to open them on Christmas Eve.
I took this picture of the tree on Christmas morning, before the festivities began.  The mass of presents was overwhelming the room.  Santa sets his presents out in the open for each child to see.  So far this hasn't posed any problems, but I can see this might in the future....  Maren got the princess doll house and Teagan got the American Girl Doll.  Declan is in the clear with Lego's.
I actually took this picture of Teagan with her doll in matching dresses after the presents were all opened, so they are a little out of order.  I'm artistic like that.  In the foreground you see Declan, with his Legos and Maren is playing with her presents while wearing her new Ariel mermaid dress up. 
This is when Declan first walked into the room and saw his Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl ship.  He was thrilled.  And to think he doesn't believe!
Maren got princesses for the dollhouse.  If it's princess, it's all good in her book!
Nellie (left) and Jack (right) heard that Santa has reindeer.  They had to keep an eye out in the event that Santa made the mistake of landing them in our yard.  They are both really good at chasing deer of all kinds.
Declan in in Lego fortress of happiness.
Turns out that watching for deer is exhausting.  It's always good when you have a pillow to rest your weary head upon.
After Christmas we decided to get a new car.  We'd had Tallulah the VW Passat for almost 12 years and she was getting tired.  We sold her and got a new shiney pretty zippy car.  I'll post a picture of "Lily White" tomorrow! 
Thanks for coming by!