Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in Coloma

It rained this past weekend, and we spent most of the time cutting the oak branches into smaller, more movable size branches. We wonder when we will walk around here without noticing all of the "project's" that need done. Our plan is to work on the inside of the house during the winter, then in spring start working on the yard. Or, umm, acreage. Yeah, that can't be a quick job (think tractor).

I dreamt about Sabalo last night. They had repainted all the walls and expanded a hallway (poorly) and put in cherry cabinets. Crazy that I even worry about what is happening at that house. They got to just move in and start living. We've been here going on 4 weeks and we still park outside.

After being cooped up in the house for several days we decided to take the kids to the old gold rush town of Coloma for the Christmas festivities on Sunday. The rain cleared around lunch, I dressed the kids in scrapbookable outfits and off we went to poke around. I *love* that the kids got to see Santa and Mrs Claus without having to stand in line at Sunrise Mall.

We ate lunch, then after blowing our budget on lunch Greg and Maren went in search of an ATM.

Declan, Teagan and I wandered around looking at the adorable little town. This was the bakery.

Here the kids are stamping their letters to Santa. They wrote their own letters. Ironically they both wrote the same thing, that they had been good this year. Neither of them asked for anything in their letters. I, on the other hand, asked for a tractor. The Pony Express picked the letters up. We met back up with Pony Express at the house where Santa was.

This is the little house that Santa and Mrs. Claus were in. It used to be the Coloma Post Office. The kids gave their letters to Santa themselves. That must be a riot reading what kids write.

Maren wouldn't have anything to do with Santa. Couldn't even be bribed with a candy cane. I had to hold her for a quick shot.

I think I'll do an update of progress on the house post next. I'll take pictures of how it looks now versus when I last posted pictures. This way we can see all of the things we HAVE done!

Monday, December 7, 2009

This is what we woke up to this morning! We were really excited until we saw many, many broken branches on the oak trees to the right on the walkway. In fact, while we were outside, we could hear the branches cracking under the weight of the snow. Then, to make things just a little bit more exciting, we had no water... we figured the pipes must have froze. Turns out that a branch fell on the pump, breaking a pipe. $346 later, we have water once again ($6 in parts).... Ahhh, the finer things in life.

This is the backyard from the master bathroom.
This is from the bay window in the master. Just happened to catch a few deer in this picture.

I moved the van so a branch didn't fall on it. This was the view from the driveway back towards the house.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Goodbye, Sabalo Way!

Declan's class had a Thanksgiving Presentation. He is in the back row, next to impossible to find. Bless his heart, he was so nervous!

Here is the Pilgrim, on his way to the stage.

I don't honestly remember how many attempts I made at getting a picture of all 3 kids with the 'For Sale' sign. This is just one of many, many things that I can't remember. October and November were a complete blur.

This is one of the dozen or so loads we made with our little utility trailer. I'm following Greg in the zippy Passat. The girls are squeezed in the backseat with Christmas wreaths between them.
The buyers of our house kept bumping their closing date closer and closer. In the end, we were completely out by the 16th of November. That was the day the carpet was being installed at the new house. We moved most everything into the garage at the new house and hired movers to help move the big/heavy things. We had them put it all in the dining room, since it has hardwood.

We slept in the pop-up at camp driveway while we worked on getting the house ready to move into. Mainly getting the heat working. This proved to be yet another exciting

Okay, my scrapbook gal's.... this is ALL of my scrapbook supplies (with the exception of furniture). I told my Mom this load could NOT go in the ditch. Turns out it took me all day to load the trailer then it was too late to take the load to the new house. My scrapbook supplies spent the night on the trailer in our driveway. I barely slept a wink LOL!

Okay, I'm going to post this and will be working on my next post....