Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post of the year...

I've been a total slack blogger for the past few weeks. We drove to Arizona for Christmas. Two of Greg's s sisters and their families were going to be there. We had a fun and busy, busy trip. I can honestly say that Declan had the most fun of his life, playing with his 'chick cousins.'

I'll post pictures from our trip and update more next year (teehee, tomorrow).

Friday, December 14, 2007

The 1 yr anniversary of an Angel going to Heaven...

I'm a few days late, but this has been on my mind for the past several weeks. Last December a member from one of the message boards I go to lost her sweet baby girl, Teegan. She was 2 1/2 and she passed from RSV, very unexpectedly. My life changed that morning, and a day has not gone by that the family hasn't been in my thoughts at least once. For this family, the first year of 'firsts' must have been excruciatingly painful, but they have not suffered alone. Many, many 'strangers' on a message board and their own families have thought of Teegan and her family. She is truly an Angel, and she will never be forgotten.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007


YAY! I got one of these kits from Donna Downey this morning
I am so excited!!! I've been stalking her Etsy shoppe for the past week. Wooohooo!!!

2 Peas's Challenge

Today's Challenge is: Do you try to send a family photo inside your holiday cards?
YES! That is if and when I can get a picture taken, AND it's still in time for Christmas. It's our plan to take pictures tomorrow..... V, I'll go ahead and get that Xanax now.....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

IKEA called, they missed me today!

We didn't worship at the Holy House of Ikea today, and they called to see if everything was okay.... nah, just kidding. I got the bug from the kids so I wasn't going to go anyway...... but still.

I spent the day (broken into 1000000000 segments) consolidating my sewing supplies to fit into the loft. I guess it's going to be the complete craft 'studio' once it's done. No telling when that may be, but I did get a good amount done today.

Declan IS going to school tomorrow, even if I have to amp him up on Motrin and Tylenol. He ought to be able to go,I think he just has a residual cough. He tells me that he is too sick to go, but seems to be okay otherwise. He's getting pretty smart. And it's a good thing he's so cute, because it keeps him safe.

I have another photoless post tonight, since I'm wearing the SAME thing in all of my photos. V thought is was funny I mentioned it in one of my last posts, but I'd be willing to guess that at least a few people had noticed. See! You did too!!

Alright, I'm headed back up to work in the room a little bit more before hitting the hay -

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bugs, bugs and more bugs....

There is a bug at our house. Declan started feeling bad, then Teagan. We are hoping and praying the baby doesn't get sick. Because then I quit. Nah, just kidding. But seriously, what kind of horrible thing did I do to deserve 2 sick kids? Teagan coughs like a seal, and Declan only went to school on Monday. I am soooooo ready for him to feel good enough to go to school.

Maren went for her first physical therapy session yesterday. She has a mild case of torticollis (you can read more here: ) and will go for physical therapy to loosen up the tight muscle's on the left side of her body. Judi, her therapist said she is a delight and she can come play anytime! Maren was a little trooper, and tolerated therapy for about 30 minutes.

I am *still* trying to move the things out of the guest room, so we can eventually move Teagan in there. Then Maren can move into the nursery (that's the plan Amy!). Just moving my scrap space into the loft proved to be a major job, and with 3 kids, things don't move so quickly. The job also required another trip to Ikea, of course. I got another Expedit bookcase to store my sewing things and fabric. Maybe I'll get to work on it today........

Today we are expecting the arrival of a very special guest! Santa has sent us our very own elf ( He'll begin working tomorrow, watching the kids and reporting back to Santa.

Well, off to start the day!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Bedtime Routine.

Okay, let me start off this post by saying I know I should be in bed, it's almost 11:00. But, the house is so quiet and I can actually have some time to be by myself. It's a treat, even if I'll pay dearly tomorrow when I can't get out of bed.

It seems like when I lay down at night I lay there forever, unable to turn off my head. I'm listening for Maren, worrying that the second I fall asleep, she will wake up. Maybe it's hormonal, maybe I'm turning into a night owl (hehehe, nah), maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe, JUST maybe, it's that I want to actually complete something that I started.......

Anywhooooo....... this time last year I was working on setting up my scrap space in the 'guest room.' It used to look like this:

And then it looked like this:

Well, change is once again a brewin. We are going to move Teagan into the room formerly known as the 'guest room/scrap space.' In order to do this, we had to move my scrap space into the loft. Thank GOD we bought a house that was way to big for us 9 years ago, because we have since completely filled it up. The chairs from the loft had to go to the Living room and that is where the new bedtime routine comes into the picture.

My Mom had a great suggestion of rather than reading to each child separately, and then sitting with them, that we begin reading the kids their books together downstairs and then everyone just goes upstairs to bed. You know, like killing a few birds with 1 stone. The kids loved the idea and have been doing a really good job going to sleep after the books are done. So here I am, with my 3 pack, reading a few books before bedtime.

YES, I am aware that I am wearing the same thing in all of the photos of me lately, I swear I am washing it and taking showers. Promise. Honestly, since having Maren, I've been able to keep some of the baby weight on, and so not much of my old clothes fit. This is one of the few comfy things I have to knock around the house in.......

Alright, enough of my rambling. I should get off to bed, because Maren is waiting for me to fall asleep!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm thinking this will be one of our 'Family Traditions'

Decorating a gingerbread house for Christmas. Hopefully it will eventually be the kids decorating and me watching them. But today it was me decorating and them 'tasting' all the yummies. Teagan just kept saying "Ummmm, yummy!"

I think it turned out cute, Greg did the practical things like coach lights and door knobs - teehee!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Who'd a thunk it?

Here is mine:
You Would Be a Pet Cat

Independent and aloof, you don't like to be dependent on anyone.

And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don't care.

You live your life by your own rules. And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.

Why you would make a great pet: You're not needy or greedy... unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not exactly running down to greet people at the door
What you would love about being a cat: Agility and freedom

What you would hate about being a cat: Being treated like a dog by clueless humans

Here is Greg's:

You Would Be a Pet Fish

Relaxed and laid back, you prefer to sit back and observe what's going on around you.

You are secretly very wise and intelligent, but few people take the time to learn about you.

You don't mind if the world doesn't understand you. You're having enough fun trying to understand the world.

Why you would make a great pet: You're peaceful and nice to be around, but not very demanding

Why you would make a bad pet: Let's face it... the only person you're truly interesting to is yourself

What you would love about being a fish: Swimming around aimlessly without a care in the world

What you would hate about being a fish: Being used as bait or food for bigger fish

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You would have thought it was 20 below.....

We decided to take a walk over to Starbucks yesterday evening. I bundled the kids up like it was sub-zero temperatures out! They LOVED getting their gloves and hats on. I was pleasantly surprised that Teagan's hat (knit for her by Grandma) matched her little sweatsuit perfectly! We can't be going out street walking lookin like riff raff.

Maren wasn't quite as excited as the other two, but she sure was cute! Oh, and here is the double stroller we go rollin' in! teehee!

Declan and Teagan each got their own little hot chocolate drink. Seriously, does Starbucks have their act together or what?! Greg and I split a Pumpkin something yummy latte. DeLISH!

Halloween goodies!

I wanted to post a picture of what I made for Declan to hand out to his friends at school. Now my posts are all out of order, but you get the idea! It's little Playdoh's in the bags.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


They say it's your Birthday.........well, me and the pack of 3 wish you the very best year yet!!!

The kids and I made a lemon cake with lemon frosting to celebrate. The kids decided to put 5 candles on the cake, instead of 41......

Oh, and when we sang Happy Birthday, we did the 'cha cha cha' version!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally.... an update, with pictures!

Declan's preschool had a field trip to the Pumpkin patch. It was actually at the same Pumpkin Patch that we took Declan to when he was a baby. Greg's Mom flew in that morning, and so she came along. It was fun, and the weather couldn't have been better!

Okay, click to enlarge this picture of Teagan. Look at the huge BLING ring on her finger!!! She is a girly girl after all! She wears her "pretties" all day (and a few nights too). This ring in particular lights up. It's about 85 carats.

This is what a 2 yr old looks like after "painting"

Declan's preschool had a Halloween party, and they got to dress up. It was a good thing Declan had 2 costumes to choose from. He was a firefighter for the school party. I went in to help, and handed out treats for the kids when they trick or treated in class. Declan thought it was pretty cool that his Mom was there (although I think he thought I was there to pick him up when he first saw me - he didn't want to miss the fun!)

That night was the real deal. Teagan was a fairy, Declan was Spiderman and Maren was the peapod that has become a tradition at this house. Notice the "spooky" glowing eyes inside?!

Okay, Blogger won't let me add anymore pictures, so I'll have to break this post into 2...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What my white sofa has taught me.

Before the white sofa, I thought my house (in general) was pretty clean. I could remove the slipcovers on my old sofa and wash them, which I did every three or four months. Well, after living on the new white sofa for a month, I am pretty sure we're all lucky to still be alive. The fact that 2 kids and 2 dogs go up on the sofa makes me rethink sitting on it. I've washed at least 1 cover each week since getting it. I'm sure some of you thought I was nuts for getting a white sofa (considering said kids and dogs). I think it's insane to not have a white sofa. At least now I know when it's dirty rather than just live on filth I didn't know was there.
I feel better now.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

2 Pea's Blog Challenge

Today's Challenge~ Are you a person who will go out of your norm to try something new at least once. Or stay with that your comfortable with?
I've tried many new things by myself. For instance I went to a yoga class by myself at a 'compound' type house once. Kids and dogs running all over the place. I was the only one that didn't really belong, if you know what I mean...... I had started to regret not telling Greg more specifically exactly where I was going, just in case I got converted while I was there =). It turned out to be just fine, but it was a new experience for me. First and last time I ever did yoga....
I've also gone to several crops at scrapbook stores and attended conventions by myself. I'm not afraid to do things alone. I drove to San Francisco for work many times when we first moved to Sacramento. That was a big deal for me at the time, as the city is somewhat overwhelming.
I'm sure it will be quite awhile before I'm really in a position to do much alone, but I'll give something a try at least once.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We've been spookified

We have been busily spookifying our house for Halloween. The more the better according to the kids. Teagan loves to say "oh spooooky" and she does her fingers all crawly. I got the idea to do the super cool huge spider web from the Pottery Barn kids catalog. I'm not sure if it's something they even sell, but I don't have an extra $60 for a spider web even if they do. I made if myself with black thread and some nails. We found the huge arachnid at Target, soooo cool! Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the kids by the spider, Teagan won't go by it!

Notice Teagan's cute UGGS! Every girl should have a pair of pink UGGS!

And here are some Maren photos for those of you needing a baby fix!

Sleeping in the car is actually a rare thing, it's the only time she really cries.

I'm telling you, this baby is seriously the sweetest thing in the world. I am so enjoying having a baby around the house again! I can't believe she is almost 2 months old already. She is growing up too fast already.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Please click on this link....

Free mammograms for under privileged women. Pass along this link.

Monday, October 1, 2007


October is breast cancer awareness month and so I'm turning the pink on my blog! Thanks Joesues for the super cool element!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's meandering thoughts....

It's Thursday, which means I had to get to Green Tangerine's up in Rocklin to pick up the newest secret page kit. It's not really a secret, but there may be certain people reading this post, so therefore it will remain a secret. If you are dying to know, email me and I'll tell you.... but then I'll have to kill you. But I digress.....

Anyhoooo, so off I go to the Scrapbook store with all 3 kids in tow *blood pressure rising*. Declan announces that he will wait in the car while I go into the 'boring' store and he wants Teagan to stay in the car to keep him company. He also let's me know I can bring Maren in with me.... Turns out that is dangerous and against the law, so we ALL go into the store. I'll bet they were glad to see us coming.

As I left I heard a woman tell the cashier how brave I was. Umm hmmm.

We survived it.


Then headed to get Greg for lunch. Chipotle. Yum.

Declan has decided that he is the best pumpkin picker and that we should go get pumpkins NOW. We'll see after night night.

It was a good mail day, as I got these ADORABLE crochet flowers. If you are jealous, you can get them here: . I can NOT wait to use them on some pages. I wish I could crochet.

I forgot to mention that we finally got a new sofa. It's the Ektorp from IKEA. I love it, but more importantly, Otis loves it. Maybe I'll get to sit on it someday.

Since I had the camera out taking these pictures of the sofa and sofa weight, Declan wanted to take a picture of me..... so I reluctantly let him. I think he did a pretty good job, for a 4 yr old!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

2 Pea's Blog Challenge

Today's Challenge~ How often do you meet with friends to scrap? Do you wish it could be more?
My Mom's group gets together once a month to scrapbook. My local Scrapjazz friends get together at Scrapbook Station in Folsom every once in awhile. I've attended a few crops by myself too. I would LOVE to get together with my friends much, much more often to scrap. Until Maren is older, I just don't see going to much...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are you ready for some serious sweetness?

Declan talking to Maren - she loves her Bubby!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 Pea's Blog Challenge

Today's Challenge~ Do you have any colors you have a hard time using on your layouts/cards?
Yep, as weird as it seems, I have a hard time using purple.
Strange, as it's been one of my favorite colors for as long as I can remember. Even had a lavender room in jr high. What's even weirder is that I LOVE to use blue and orange. LOVE it!

Greg & T plus 3......

Tee hee! I cracked myself up with that title!

Okay, I know it's been awhile since I posted. I've been laying around, snoozing until noon, having countless massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and private Pilates lessons....

Oh... wait.... that is in my dreams. Where I'm driving that cute convertable.

As if the flooring wasn't enough of a project, we decided to get a swingset for the backyard. This *sounds* like a simple enough of a thing right? Well, it turns out that we had to remove an entire planter bed so it would fit and have like 100000 cubic yards of bark chips delivered. It took an entire weekend, but hey, nothing but the best for our kiddos, right?

Here are a few pictures of the yahoo's playing on the set.

Yesterday we decided to paint paper mache pumpkins for the "Harvest" season. That must be the politically correct term they are using at Declan's preschool. The kids had a great time, and I got some cool photos.

And last, but certainly not least, the littlest Loop.

I absentmindedly erased some really cute photos from the camera before uploading (or is it downloading?) to the computer =( Declan and Teagan talking to Maren and she was smiling at them. Yep. I suck.