Monday, July 18, 2011

Just for fun!

This is what our house looked like when we first saw it. 

Teagan took this picture yesterday.

And just for reference, what the back yard/house looked like.

The Backdeck and Chickens

We (read: mostly Greg) spent the past weekend sanding, fixing and painting the back deck. Many of the balusters needed to be replaced, some of the wood was raw, other parts were either white or green.  We quit trying to figure out what the previous people were trying to do a long time ago.  It really freed up some brain space to let go of that...  Glad I remembered to get some 'before' pictures.

This back staircase goes into our masterbath.

I took this picture this morning, the mostly finished job.  Major improvement if you ask me!  Plus, you could walk out on the deck barefoot now (not that I recommend that out here....) without the risk of splinters or raised nailheads.

The entire time we were working on the deck, we had 'the gals' supervising us, openly discussing how I didn't tape the tarp far enough over and the house was going to get over sprayed (it did).  They wondered why in the world my window is open right next to where Greg was sanding?  Good point.  They wanted to know what the paint tasted like, if they fit under the furniture, if they would get painted if they stood *right* there.  You get the idea.  We did discover that we have quite a few characters on our hands. 

I know I said I wasn't going to name these chickens, but it's pretty hard not to, once you realize they have personalities.  LOL!

This is Penny, a Rhode Island Red.

Maude, a Barred Rock.  She has a thing for Greg...

Here, in the forefront is Donna, a Blue Andalusian.  Behind her is Clementine, an Easter Egger, and the Brown Leghorn is behind them.  I think I'm going to call her Harriet.

This is Blanche, a Delaware.

This is the Ancona, not yet named.  She is really skittish, thinks I'm the Devil.

Here is Ellie Mae, she's a Cochin. 

This is another Easter Egger, haven't named her yet either.

Well, thanks for coming by!