Monday, November 30, 2009

Stand by.... looking for the USB cord....

I will be updating soon. Just looking for the USB for the cameras......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

End of October photos...

This post is going to be random... I have about 11 minutes before I have to get the kids from school. I've been meaning to post some of these for awhile, so here goes:
Our 3 sweeties swinging in the yard. Don't let those sweet faces fool you, they can drive an otherwise sane person to drink 2 glasses of wine! Don't ask me how I know this.

We had 1 big storm a few weeks back. The girls wanted to go out with the umbrella and play in the rain. They had a blast!

We decorated Halloween cookies and ate them. Well, I let Maren eat mine since she licked all the frosting off it.

Halloween costumes: Declan - Optimus Prime, minus all of the accessories that give the indication that the costume is Optimus Prime.

Teagan - Cinderella. Complete with blinking glass slippers that gave her blisters. I asked her if the shoes were going to be okay for Trick-or-Treating and she told "yes Mommy, I just can't walk in them...."

Maren - Minnie Maren Mouse. Perfect for this child. Except she wouldn't wear her ears. She did wear her sparkly pink converse though!

Must run for now, will try to post some more after I pick up the wild ones!