Friday, September 17, 2010

Some House Pictures

Here is the entry.  We haven't done anything here, except clean.  To the left is the family room, and the right is the dining room.  Neither of which are in this post, I didn't take pictures of them yesterday.  I have been dragging all of the Halloween decorations out and spookifying the house.  One of my favorite things about this house is that it is neutral enough to change the accessories for the seasons.  I have Halloween things through the house!

ETA:  Here is a post I did when we first saw the house:

This is the hallway off the entry that leads to the laundry room (also not in this post) and the kitchen.  I'm looking for different wall sconces, or I may paint those white...
This is the little powder bath downstairs.  It had the red gingham wallpaper that made your eyes go wonky.  I painted the same color as my master.

Here is the kitchen.  We have installed the cabinet doors (new hinges and knobs), roman shades, baffles on the recessed can lights and the ceiling fan.  We still need to do base and crown molding, and I'd like to un-distress the cabinets.

Turns out that I love orange.  Another who knew....

This is looking into the master from the hallway.  Why, yes, that is a double vanity sink at the foot of my bed.  There is currently a single pedestal sink in the master so we bought this at Costco.  It's been sitting there since February and I think I'm going to miss it when it finally gets installed (possibly at the end of next week!!!). 
We changed all light fixtures, painted, new carpet and window coverings.
We just got those 2 chairs at Cost Plus last week.  Once the vanity is installed, I'd like to get a brown leather storage ottoman for the foot of the bed.  Initially I wanted to have a 4th bedroom built in-lieu of the large master, but then I would have had no where for my scrap space.  The girls will share a room until it's an issue
There's Jack Jack modeling the scrap space.  No, actually Otis is taunting him with that bone in the picture above!
And for the last photos of this post, the front porch.  Greg repaired several broken balusters and fixed and sanded many other areas.  Then he countersunk all the nailheads.  This was a huge job, as this was just raw wood.  We cleaned it too, it was filthy.  It may look dirty now, but at least it cleans up nicely.

Thanks for looking!  I'm going to do another post with the family room, dining room and kids rooms once I straighten them up some =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So I Found the PERFECT car!

A 4 door CONVERTIBLE!  I can probably even get 3 carseats in the back.  Plus, can't you just *see* me driving it???  While wearing these cowboy boots and a sundress, of course.

   I didn't even know what this car was, but I have seen a few of them around and finally saw that it was a VW.  Now, I just have to find one that isn't up on blocks in someones back 40.

I'm honored to see that even after not posting anything on my blog for months that I have 9 followers.  Who knew????

I would like to take some pictures of the house to upload here.  You know, to show the progress of doing nothing but working on the house for almost a year.  The funny thing about me though, is that I want it to be perfect and clean before taking the pictures.  The logical side of my brain knows that: 1. you can't really tell if something is clean or not in a picture, 2. that none of you really care if it's clean and 3. it's probably clean enough by most normal people standards.  Plus, I love to see other people's homes and imagine that you would all really like to see what all we have done around here.  I will just move my piles of clutter and take pictures.  Solved.  Stand by while I do the above mentioned.....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's been, like, forevah.

I'm so behind on blogging that I don't even know where to start. There have been 3 birthdays, 2 kids starting school, one kid hangin with me, company, my Mom moved here, my chickens started laying eggs, we stained the front porch, I talked my mom into letting me 'borrow' her wicker furniture for my front porch....... ummmmm..... Let's see, I know there is lots more.... Greg and I took a solo trip to meet Bart and Carla in Denver to see Rush, we're talking about getting a tractor (and a truck...... ) the fan broke on Maxivan, so I have no air in the front vents, lots of mice live in the wood pile, we have a contractor coming to fix a few things and install the vanity in our master bath (finally) and I'm going to design a hall/linen closet for upstairs.

Phew. I'll come back to elaborate and add pictures as soon as Greg puts whatever showed up in the Newegg box today (because our big computers took a big crap at the same time).