Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flooring, flooring, flooring... and a surprise!

There was a ScrapJazz crop at my local scrapbook store on Saturday. I was afraid that if I could go, that it would be late. Well, as Saturday progressed with the flooring installation, I decided not to bring it up. My friend Cheri called around 5:30 and said I'd better get my hiney over there..... they had a surprise (several actually) for me. So, of course, off I went. The girls had planned a baby shower for me, and unfortunately several of them had already left. Oh my goodness, I was beyond touched, and sooooo appreciate the thoughtfulness of my friends! I got some clothes, blankets, a beautiful hand crochet blanket, shoes, bibs - and CAKE! I know the pictures are little, I'll see if I can get them emailed to me instead.

So, back to the flooring..... yeah..... ummmmm. Well, laminate flooring is sold like it's so easy to install, even a caveman can do it. It really is a lot more work than they let on. After the tile demolition, we were hoping that everything else would go quickly and smoothly. I'm pretty sure that we (Greg) have a system down now, but we had quite the learning curve. We would lay 8 pieces down, ruin the last one, tear out 5 of them, and ruin 3 of those. We were fearing we didn't order enough for all the screw ups. As the weekend progressed though, we made headway and although we won't be done for another weekend or so, it's definitely looking better!

And then lastly, here are some photos of the kiddos 'riding' the brooms like horses. I got them these cute red felt cowboy hats at Wally. It was all Teagan's idea, and they ran all over the place saying "YeeHaw!" I think Teagan rode her horse backward half the time, but she didn't care. These kids are just plain silly.


Cheri Pryor said...

I don't know that I've ever seen a picture of your dh....and now that I have I can't believe how much Teegan looks like him!! Your floor is coming together. Hoping you have it done by now!

Amy said...

I LOVE the color of the flooring! It is beautiful!