Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Baby is 6 Months old!!!!

I can NOT believe it! I think of things that I was doing this time last year and I am just blown away how quickly time is going. This time last year I was uncertain how I would manage having 3 kids, and I was scared! It is exhausting, and there is little down time, but it's no where near as scary as I thought it would be.
I am also so pleased at how Maren just fit right into our family, and the rythm of our family barely skipped a beat. She is such a sweet little girl, and she has stolen the hearts of her brother and sister!
She is 6 months old, here are some "Maren facts:"
~Just started to eat solids, and she likes it. A lot.
~She smiles easily, and laughs out loud at her brother and sister.
~She sleeps in our room still, either in the swing, or right next to me.
~She is not sleeping through the night yet.
~She tries to sit up, easily rolls over.
~Watches everything and is taking notes.
I've been working on getting the nursery ready to move her in. Greg can't wait, the other 2 never stayed in our room this long. He just wants the room back! Part of getting the room ready for Maren meant that Teagan got moved into her "Big Girl Room" and is now sleeping in a queen size bed! Let me tell you, that is adorable. I've moved all of Teagan's clothes and big girl toys into the big girl room, leaving only the baby things in the nursery for Maren. Today I put Maren's clothes in the closet and dresser. I should go take some pictures so I can scrap it. I will tomorrow...... Anyhow, the transition seems to have been smooth enough. I'll wait a few more days before I start putting Maren in the nursery, just so that she can get used to it, and Teagan can get used to her new room.
I'm also going to do a sage smudge ceremony to cleanse the house of any and all negative entities and energies. We've lived in this house for 9 1/2 yrs, and have never cleansed the space. I've read about creating a sacred space in Feng Shui books, and will be doing so tomorrow. Now, don't go thinking I've gone 'all hippie' on you! There have been some spooky occurances in our house and I've decided to get rid of it/them once and for all. Especially before moving Maren into the new room.
The only other update is that I got my new bike today! Greg assembled it tonight and I'll take pictures tomorrow. Not that I'll be able to ride it, since it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week.........

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