Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Lordy....

It has just been so dang long. I would finish the post I started like 3 weeks ago, with Easter pictures.... but it would take so long........ Maybe I'll feel up to it another day. It was fun, and the kids were cute, 'nuf said.
We're just zipping through life, each day blasting past. Before I know it my kids will be all grown up and I'll be crying. Maren is going to be 8 months old..... already. I know - crazy. She's as sweet as can be, Declan's a dude and Teagan got the memo to be 2 1/2 (tricky). She's cute though, so that should keep her alive!
I'd like to get a new picture with all 3 of them very, very soon... maybe I'll work on that tomorrow.

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*~Annette~* said...

Oh I sooo feel the pain of 2 1/2 year olds. They are sooooo cute. But Sean is sneaky, too. LOL. And clumsy.