Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here She Is....

Here are the pictures we took yesterday... There she sits. What's so scary about her?

Had the hitch installed while we got the walk through at the dealer. Yep, now my van really is Mommy Bling with her accessories and all! I was thinking of all the options to get to cover that hitch plug when the hitch is gone. I'm feeling something rhinestone.

Officially the length of a schoolbus. Still can't believe I don't need a special license to drive it. Or at least a license plate that warns others just how dangerous I am.

YIPES. Do I look as scared as I was? I'll go take some pictures of it in the garage. It's large.


Amy said...

It's so perty~ I hope you guys make some wonderful memories with it. Teresa won't, so Jason asked if I'd drive the toy hauler for a girls' weekend. I said sure, I'll buy some depends for that road trip. :)

Cheri Pryor said...

If you have not seen this movie, run DO NOT WALK to your nearest blockbuster to rent it:

You will pee now that you have this new addition to your family!! lol! Have fun. We LOVE our trailer!

Amy Chomas said...

Well have fun! I've seen some of those cute hitch plugs that look like a set of nutsies hanging down, wouldn't that look cute on the mini van??? You don't have to publish this, lol! But at least laugh at it!