Friday, August 29, 2008

We Went to the CA State Fair!

Lysol dip anyone?? =)

I was *supposed* to go to the Back to School night at Declan's school AND my book club meeting but totally forgot..... It was record breaking temperatures, which cut down on the crowds, so I was way okay with it! Teagan wasn't as interested in the rides as Declan, so he got to go on some big boy rides with Greg. Here are the boys (note: grandparents may not want to look...)

I think Greg figured we spend about $65 on drinks and food =0

And I didn't even get cotton candy.

Here are some more fun photos:

Teagan walking Peppermint Patty, the super cute horse!

Playing the in the corn.

Yes, Maren put a piece in her mouth... it was in there for a really long time too! I think she took it out for some of the mini donuts....

Don't be fooled by this sweet face, she is a total complete horser. She takes after her brother and sister, in a family of horsers.
There was a petting zoo (my favorite part!) and they had 2 kangaroos!!! They are as soft as a rabbit, totally cute too. Bambi tried to eat Teagan's shirt, but I skeered it off. There were also newborn pygmy goats - talk about sweet.

Another cool feature was the Bats, Cats and Rats exhibit. We missed the bats, I was disappointed, but they had a sweet Himalayan (thought of snagging it for you V) and a tiny little Sphinx (bald) kitty. So this morning, Declan and Teagan did a 'Ants & Spiders" exhibit in the living room. They drew pictures and set them around and Declan (the curator) gave the tour. I'll upload the video - there is a lot to learn about 'poisonous hornet spiders' It's a hoot!


Amy said...

How fun! I think the last time we went to the Arizona state fair, Tatum was maybe 2. You know how it goes here. I suppose one of these days I'll have to take them just to intorduce them to fair food if nothing else.

Hurricane Sarah said...

Lovin' those kiddos!

Go McCain!

Cheri Pryor said...

Look at you in your cute cowgirl hat!! Great pictures. Looks like y'all had a blast. Yee-Haw! (btw...I LOVE the fair!)

Susan said...

So you missed the bats...did ya? Well, all you gotta do is come to my house...our attic, walls, ceilings are full of them....yes!!! yuk & ugh For the first years I didn't mind the chittering you can hear, but then there are always stray ones that get in the house....and at times you'd swear they were trying to dive bomb you...they are "cute" once Steve catches and secures them...then they get really loud until he sets them free outside. So if ya wanna see some bats just come visit your inlaws in OHIO. hehehehehehehe