Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maren Rocks the Saucer.

She likes it best if the saucer is half off the rug, then it 'feels' more dangerous. She actually rocks all the way to the TV, which is really great, because there are buttons on the TV. Most everyone knows that the Loop kids are all professional button pushers right?

We are getting into the swing of our new schedule. The kids love going to school, in fact, Teagan is sad on the days she doesn't go. After I drop the kids off I try to get Maren down for a nap. I have great plans for what I'll get done in that 2 3/4 hours.... but I must be getting old and slow, because I never get as much done as I think I will. It works out that I pick Declan up before Teagan, and he loves going to the preschool room he went to last year to get her. Her little face is always so happy when she comes out too, she is loving every second of it.

The weather is finally starting to cool off. We've got several outside projects we'd like to start working on. Since we've got the pop up in our garage, Greg has been parking the car in the driveway. This freaks us out, as we realize it's only a matter of time until someone does something to it. We'd like to put a shed down the side yard to make some room to *hopefully* park in the garage. I'd also like to plant flowers this fall, it's been a couple of years since the house looked pretty.

I also got sad news that the scrapbook store that had been hosting 'Scrap Camp' is closing their doors. This means no scrap camp =( I totally thought that was going to be a part of my life forever. A couple girlfriends and I are going to rent a house in Tahoe and try to continue the tradition. And speaking of scrapping, I am trying to actually finish the close to 2" stack of layouts that needed something done to them.

I feel like I'm beginning to come out of this hazy fog I've been in for the past year. I haven't completed anything I've started in over a year and it's been driving me nuts.


Cheri Pryor said...

Girl...what are you TALKING ABOUT??? NO CAMP?? Silly...there is still another camp 2 days per year at that same location. I'll send you the info as soon as I have it. It's usually held the last weekend of April and the first full weekend of October.

And how cute is that little punk? ADORABLE!

Amy said...

Just a thought.....If ever we can get a location drivable by both ends, I could join you for a scrap weekend. Or, I could fly out. Only catch is, I can't fly out until after 1pm on Friday and have to get home late Sunday for work on Monday. Think we can stink up somethin"? Or, I can plan on a visit out there over spring break. We have no plans thus far.

Amy Chomas said...

Ooooh I bet you are loving that "me" time! I get some while Jack is napping and Ella is at school, and while I to have plans to get enormous things done, I'm usually watching soaps relaxing lol!