Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updates from the "farm"

Meet Jack Jack. A 16 week old Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. Guardian of all things to eat. He patrols the kitchen in search of anything potentially tasty.
Greg got a quad last week, to help with the chores around here, and to run 4x Ote's wheels off. Otis runs along side the quad, like he is grateful for finding something he actually has to get his gallop on to keep up with! In this picture Greg is giving Maren a ride on the quad, with Declan and Teagan running behind. Jack Jack was bushed and taking a nap inside. Turns out he quite the napper. If I were a kid or a puppy, I'm pretty sure I'd love growing up here!
The kids wanted to have a 'show' so we drew on their faces and they had a BLAST! The girls are cats and Declan is a dog.

Maren is giving me a very authentic growl here. Ohhhh, scary!
When the weather is nice, we put the Ladies out on the back porch. I did clean up the coop last week and put the 2 Welsummers (brown ones) out there. They pecked and scratched around, but then one of then squeezed out of the wire and so the fun had to come back into the cage. I'm just not ready to free range my little checks yet. There are a lot of hawks around here, and I'm not in the buffet business......
They are real characters! The Marans are more timid, but coming around. They all love to see me coming! Treat lady!!! They have started to jump to get the bread I'm holding, or to jump at each other. I let them roam around the laundry room and they chirp at me to let them out.
Yes, I know you are laughing.

Here is Opal (or is it Pearl?), giving me the eye. Whatcha got for me lady??
I've got some pictures of Declan reading on the local Georgetown radio station for 'Read Across America' in honor of Dr. Suess's birthday yesterday. I'll have to do that in another post since it's lunch time and the girls are playing wild in the house.


Amy said...

Who'd of ever guessed? Sounds like you are all enjoying it there. So glad! Love the pictures.

Cheri Pryor said...

Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back ain't nothin that a country (girl) like you can't hack. Early to rise! Early in the sack! Thank God you're a country (girl). (enter banjo music)

Cheri Pryor said...

I see that you have quietly and discreetly added "backyard chickens" to your list of favorite sites to visit.

We have lost you for sure...

Cheri Pryor said...

Just wandering over to wish you a fabulous birthday!! Hope your family treats you like a queen!