Monday, February 21, 2011

More Random Updates...

I'm back from ScrapCamp 2011.  Had a blast, good food, good friends, lots of talking.....  I officially brought the least amount of supplies.  That is my seat, and that is *everything* I brought.  Turned out to be a productive time for me though, and I got almost completely caught up with Christmas!
This is my pile of completed layouts to be put into albums.  Currently I am doing a layout of each kids Christmas and a one for a family album.  None are the same, so this takes me for.ever.
Last week the weather kept threatening to get nasty.  Finally on Wednesday it made good on the threat, opening up with a thunder/lightning/hail storm.  Declan kept an eye on the chickens out in the yard.  We thought they would head for cover as soon as it was thundering, but they waited until the hail started pelting them to get in the coop.  Sassy (bantam Cochin who bites...) actually flew across the yard directly into the open door on the coop.  Pretty funny!
Then school was canceled on Thursday and Friday due to bad weather and no power at the school.  I thought I'd take the kids to the mall to poke around.  I also thought I would buy trinkets at the Disney Store to dole out while on our trip to DisneyLand, but the store was closed due to the fire at the mall last Fall.  So, instead I paid $8 for 3 kids to ride the carousel and bought pretzels....  While poking around I found the next car/SUV on my wish list.....

I actually have a funny story about this car/SUV.  Back in the Fall when I flew to Arizona, Dan (dad) picked me up at the airport.  While driving we were discussing where to go and what to do.  We pull up at a red light and I see this exact SUV at the light.  I tell Dan to look at it so he can tell me if it's just an overpriced sled.  In literally a fraction of a second, the car behind us honks at us to turn.  Dan said, "Welcome home!  You haven't even been home 30 minutes and someone is already honking!"  We must have laughed the whole way to my home away from home, Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Anywhoooo, it probably is just an overpriced sled, but at least it looks good.  I'd be willing to give it a test drive, see if I can get 3 car seats in the back.  I think Greg should have flopped for the 1st (convertible VW Beetle) or 2nd (VW Thing) car on my list, as I could get both of those for what this Range Rover sells for.

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Cheri Pryor said...

I'm missing camp this year. Work. Work. And more work. Trying to figure out some weekends to have a playdate at Patti's. *sigh* I really need a break! Miss you!