Thursday, October 27, 2011

Been Busy Bees Over Here!

Well.  We've been sanding, drilling, prepping, painting.  All the while taking kids to soccer practice 4 nights a week and games every Saturday.  Toss a little (ha!) laundry, the occasional grocery trip, volunteering at the school (I'm the room Mom for Teagan's 1st grade class, and I run a book club in Declan's 3rd grade class) and general household chores leaves me no time for blogging.
But because I would like to see the progress we've made, here are some recent pictures of the house!
We have had the house/porch painted, new screens and shutters.  This is looking down to the house from the garage.
At the beginning of summer I bought outdoor fabric yardage to sew my own pillows for the patio furniture.  I am really good at sewing zippers in pillows now, after making at least 20 pillows.  Many, many thanks go to my Mom, who cut all the fabric into the sizes I needed for the pillow forms I bought at Ikea. 

Won't you come sit on my porch?

Remember when it looked like this????
I've also been busy decorating for Halloween.  From years past you know this is a big deal for the Loop kiddos.  I've been also going thru closets and donating unused/unneeded things.  Seems like I always have a pile waiting to be taken to Goodwill. 
You can see the "Loop Art Gallery" on the wall there, I took individaul pictures of the art and finally took it all down.  It was up since summer, as were the tissue pom-poms I made for Teagan's birthday party in June.....
I'll be back with more pictures when I get a chance to take them, but thanks for looking for now!


Amy said...

Oh how I've longed to be back on that porch... or the back deck... or sleeping under your roof.... or eating at your table... or chatting with you in the van. I miss you my dearest friend!

Anonymous said...

The house is looking beautiful! I remember the pics you posted when you just saw the house and were thinking about putting in an offer (or maybe you had just put one in, that I don't clearly remember heh). Would be fun to see you blog more regularly again (then hopefully I'll remember to come by more regularly again as well haha!) :)