Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm excited for FALL!

Can you tell?  I told Greg I'm decorating for Halloween/Fall on September 1st.  It's by far my very most favorite time of the year!  I used to love Spring, but with allergies, we had a falling out.

So, many things have been going on, and I took a break from blogging about life to just living it.  Just a recap of the past few months:
~ A month of swim lessons for all Loop children.  Turns out they are all fish.  This cam just in time for....
~ A Mexican Cruise for my Mother In Law's birthday.  Fun was had by all.
~ Missing my Teagan for almost a MONTH, she rode home with Grandma to Arizona after the cruise.
~ Getting a visit from my brother and Dad, whom also delivered my Teagan back to me.
~ALL 3 Loops starting school last week!

I've got a "to do" list a half mile long, but will be back to post pictures and other tid bits of interest in a few days!

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