Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It totally feels like Spring here!

And it makes me want to clean the entire house from top to bottom. I've got the hallway upstairs lined with plastic tubs of the girls outgrown clothes. I've got the 'redecorate' bug too. Greg worked out in the back yard this past weekend, got the leaves all picked up. The bushes are bare or gone, and the grass is dead. I think of how much time I used to spend out there (before kiddos) and all the plants I planted.
Teagan and I went to the Wild Bird store and got some seed for the birds, so at least they come around! I got some shots of a Goldfinch in the bubbling fountain, and the hummer at the feeder. They are very fearful of us, but hopefully they will get used to us being around. I can rememebr springs in the past that the kids are out back playing and the birds are at the feeders.

Look at this sweet little bird!

I took the kiddos to one of the local parks yesterday. I dressed Maren in pants that I didn't mind her scooting all over in. That poor child has barely had any tactile experiences. She's never even seen dirt (well, besides the dirt inside my house! LOL!) She found soft dirt, bark and, loved touching the grass. She tasted a few things and scooted everywhere. There were a few big piles of leaves the kids had a blast playing in.

Maren got to swing too, which she thought was pretty cool.


Cheri Pryor said...

It was soooo beautiful today!! I remember jumping in leaves when I was a kid, too. I LOVED THAT!

Christine said...

Hello Teresa Loop! I just now saw your post on my blog about 'to hit or not to hit'. Thanks for the insight.
We're loving the weather here too! Lot's of outside play!

Anonymous said...

How much fun is that?! Not the spring cleaning part though . . . :-D