Friday, May 22, 2009

The Country Life is for Me!

Declan's kindergarten class had a field trip to the Sacramento County Fair yesterday. I took the girls separate since I don't have my fingerprints on file with the school district. So, really we crashed the field trip... Any how, it was a perfect morning weather wise to be at the fair. I think it was open yesterday for all of the schools to have their field trip there, as there was about 2.7 million kids there - good times!

I hung around with the Mom who Declan rode there with, as she was assigned to 4 kids. Another Mom who chaperoned gladly came with us as well. She only has 1 child and being assigned to 4 kids at the county fair was enough to put her over the edge! LOL! I told her that is how I feel at any given moment - she turned white!

When we went into the pavilion with the goats, sheep, cows, pigs and chickens it became obvious right away that Maren did not like the animals! She was terrified in fact. So, we closed the canopy on the stroller and all was good! The country life is not for her....

The other two enjoyed themselves and touched any/all of the animals that we could.

Maren's new stroller has a small platform for another child to stand on, this was a big hit with the kids. They all took turns getting a 'ride' on the stroller. Can't you see how much fun I was having too? Botox anyone? Maybe I should add that to my Facebook quiz as a good gift to give me.... I wonder if I always look like I'm telling kids what not to do?

My brave boy even tried to rope, and he did good. Maybe the country life is for him.

I had been holding kids up to look in the horse pens, yeah, me!

Little Miss, being unimpressed...


Amy said...

Maren is a girl after my own heart. Girls like us have no business being in with animals. No wonder we got along so well!

Cheri Pryor said...

2 little country bumpkins and Eva have your hands full. lol!! I don't think you are telling kids what to do, you are trying to keep them safe. Or maybe a little of both. Either way, I think it was the sun in your eyes making your forehead wrinkle. lol!