Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before Summer Ended

Greg took the girls for a bike ride in the trailer. It was Maren's first time! She was so excited. I think she is really becoming aware that she is getting to do things she has had to be a bystander for in the past. I think Greg said they went 12 miles or so. In 100 degree heat. Good times.

A few people have been asking if we have heard anything about the house, and no, we haven't. Our offer is good until Sept 11th. The bank postponed the foreclosure until Sept 14th to take a look at our offer. According to our realtor, we are in the best possible position. When we took my Mom out there, we could tell the house had been shown to other people. I had our realtor ask if we were the only offer they had, and there are back up offers on the property now. I was upset and fretted for a day, then decided that whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen. And then let it go. Maybe I'm just afraid of change. Maybe I'm worried we won't like it. Maybe I'm sad to give up my wonderfully perfect for me scrapbook space.
Who knows.


Cheri Pryor said...

I agree...if it's meant to happen it will. If not, some other fabulous house with chickens AND a perfect-for-you scrap space will come along.

Your husband is a saint in 100 degree weather

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Good luck with the house, I agree, it will all work out in the end. :hugs:

Jana Eubank said...

Hi Teresa, I hope you don't mind if I answer your question here on your blog. :) Is this the post you were referring to?
My printer is an Epson R380. I love it, but it is discontinued. However, if I ever go for another printer, I will definitely get another Epson. LOVE the print quality! The programs I use to edit my pictures are Adobe Light Room and Adobe Photoshop CS3. I edit my layout pictures with Photoshop Elements 5. I know. It's weird, but they each have different functions that I enjoy for different things. LOL!

Well, I hope that helps! Have a great day!