Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Allergy testing and adding some pictures.

Because you asked Amy, here are the other pictures I took of the inside of the house. We all agreed it was a strange house, but it worked perfectly for our retreat! I took this picture as we were packing up. I sat with my back to the door at the left (you can see *all* of my stuff still sitting out...).

This is the view into the family room from the foyer. Janice, Erin, Tanny and I stayed downstairs.

Here I took the picture from where I sat towards the kitchen.

Now onto the allergy testing. Declan had an appointment yesterday with the allergy/asthma specialist. Turns out he is allergic to several things. Mostly trees, including California Live Oak, which is all over our 10 acres and eucalyptus, which we had been burning in the wood stove. Remember when we bought the first cord of wood? Yep, eucalyptus. Among other things like various grass and molds, turns out he is *very* allergic to cats. He was sad to find out that he was allergic to "Pat" the feral cat that lives on our property.

He will be going for weekly allergy shots for 6 months, then we will re-evaluate. He is also on an inhaled steroid and Singulair. Bless this kids heart. I think he's been through enough for awhile, don't you?


{pam} said...

most definitely a quirky house!!! i would have to do some MAJOR renovation if i were to live there permanently!!!

so glad they figured out what is giving declan problems . . . i don't envy him on all the needle stuff tho . . . YOUCH!!!

scrapper al said...

Poor Declan! I hope he outgrows his allergies.

Amy said...

Thanks T! I loved the picture that shows everyone's crap...I mean scrap stuff. :) Those are good pictures.

Poor Declan. I've never seen the back of somebody after allergy testing. Give him hugs from AZ.

Stephanie H. said...

Poor kid!! That looks so painful!

Terry said...

Poor little guy, we've been that route and it's no fun, but it is good to find out what gets him going. The car air/heat used to set off my son when we'd turn it on...mold. Once you know what the culprits are you'll notice the signs, good luck. The shots aren't to awful, itty bitty needle, lots of stops for treats after ! I feel for you both with the added time for appts. hang in there.

Tanny said...

Wow, his back is RED! Hopefully his new regimen will keep him out of the hospital!

Cheri Pryor said...

Awww! Poor little dude! So sad about the kitty allergies. But thankfully you know *exactly* what is going on and can avoid it. Big hugs to your tiny man!

Getting to have a scrap weekend this weekend (ending at 3:00 Sunday...just in time for Valentine's Day!) and can't wait!! Looks like the perfect house to scrap with that big window!!