Sunday, December 5, 2010

Man. That house is YELLOW!

We decided to see what it would cost to have the house painted.  I figured that since the "To Do" list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter that it may be wise to have the really big jobs done by the pros.  We don't know if this is the original paint or not, but it was in bad shape.  The trim was painted white and two different shades of green and the balusters on the porch were all green.  I took this picture the day they started the prep on the house.
Here is our yellow house after!  See, even the sky looks bluer!

They scraped the paint down to bare wood on most of the house.  Those poor guys.  The entire time they were working my 12 guinea's were squawking at full volume.  One of the guys asked me if we were going to eat them.  I think that was a hint. I tried chasing them all into the goat barn one day in hopes of shutting them up.  I think I just entertained the painters.  Have you ever tried to get 12 guineas to all do the same thing?  Didn't think so....

The after....  too bad they didn't have to take the satellite dishes down to paint.  I would have had them put back up somewhere else.  Like on the roof.  Where most other people have theirs.  Although I have yet to see another satellite dish quite as LARGE as ours.  Lovely.
This is down the hill outside my kitchen nook and master bedroom.  We had some wood siding replaced around one of the kitchen windows few weeks ago.  You can see the two different colors of green trim the best in this picture.

Here is the end result from this view.

Over all, we are very happy.  I love the white trim.  We are going to do the back deck as well, it just needed a lot more cleaning, repairing, and prepping.  I have new screens on order.  Most every screen on the house had rips or holes from the previous owners cats.  In the spring I'm going to order some shutters for the front of the house too.

Thanks for looking!


Terry said...

The house looks beautiful, it's fun to see the before and after. Glad I get to see it all on here besides hearing your Mom describe the fun. Miss her tho but glad she has you near!

Cheri Pryor said...

It's absolutely adorable! I cannot imagine your house any other color!!

AshBags said...

Your house looks great! So different to the brick houses we have here in Africa. I like all the wood, but it must be more difficult to keep up the maintenance work.

Barbee' said...

Yellow: my favorite color. I had our previous house painted yellow. The retired man across the street sat on his porch a lot. He really liked it. I think yours is beautiful!