Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I survived my first day alone!

My Mom went home on Saturday and Greg worked a full day yesterday. I'll admit I was pretty scared. Maren slept most of the day, and Teagan took a nap too. So that left just me and Declan for a few hours. We made play dough and made every letter of the alphabet with it. I should have taken a picture, it was pretty cool. I imagine that I'll be busier as the baby sleeps less during the day, but at least she's breaking me in slowly!

Maren gets up twice at night, but the 2nd waking is scary close to 4am. There have been a few times that I'm still up with her when I hear one of the other yahoo's is getting up. Now that is Just. Plain. Scary. I don't 'do' tired well.
We have had some GREAT mail days as of late too! Baby Maren has been receiving some beautiful gifts from friends and family. I thought I would post the gifts here so that the people that have sent them know we got them (if they are checking the blog). It may take me awhile to get Thank You cards out.

12x12 Scrapbook album from A. Sue and U. Steve

2 outfits from Amy

Outfit and burp cloth from my Mom's friend Terry

Blanket and outfit from my Dad and Step Mom

2 burp cloths from my Mother in Law
I'm going to *try* to take some pictures of the baby today. I have an idea of a few scrapbook layouts I'd like to do, and she is growing and changing so quickly I'm afraid to wait much longer. It's kind of like the little plaster of paris tin thing I bought to do Declan's footprint in (when he was a newborn). I waited too long and decided I'd use it for Teagan. Well, needless to say, I still have it.

Also, take a lookey see at this glass necklace on It sold yesterday, or else it would have been MINE!

How not Mom looking is that?! Beautiful. They are made by Alison from Hambly Screen Prints. Very cool transparencies that all the cool scrappers are using.
Okay, kiddo #1 is at preschool, kiddo #2 & #3 are sleeping. I'm going to go snuggle with Otis on the sofa.


Amy said...

Glad to see you got the package. I was a bit late getting it out. Good idea to put it out here. :) Sounds like you are all doing pretty good. I miss you!!!

Cianna said...

This is great info to know.