Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Declan's 1st day at preschool and Maren's busy, busy weekend!

This was a very busy week for us! Declan started at his new preschool on Monday. It's at the school where he'll go to kindergarten. I wasn't discharged from the hospital until Tuesday so I missed his first day, but I hear he likes it a lot! His teacher's are very nice and I hope he makes some good little friends. The class is small, which I like, only about 20 kiddos. I'm glad he already has the experience of having been to preschool, he knows how to take turns and get in line. He is excited to go too, which is always good!

We were invited to 2 birthday parties this weekend, AND we went to both of them! Maren benefited from some photo therapy and the other two had a blast! The first party was our friend's Sara and Niki's combined 4th/2nd birthday. Ariel came and did face painting and a treasure hunt. The kids did arts and crafts and played in the pool the whole time. Here is a great action shot of Declan 'helping' Teagan in the little pool......

And one of Maren, sunbathing with Daddy.

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Dorinda said...

What a beautiful Family you have TLo