Friday, November 30, 2007

Bugs, bugs and more bugs....

There is a bug at our house. Declan started feeling bad, then Teagan. We are hoping and praying the baby doesn't get sick. Because then I quit. Nah, just kidding. But seriously, what kind of horrible thing did I do to deserve 2 sick kids? Teagan coughs like a seal, and Declan only went to school on Monday. I am soooooo ready for him to feel good enough to go to school.

Maren went for her first physical therapy session yesterday. She has a mild case of torticollis (you can read more here: ) and will go for physical therapy to loosen up the tight muscle's on the left side of her body. Judi, her therapist said she is a delight and she can come play anytime! Maren was a little trooper, and tolerated therapy for about 30 minutes.

I am *still* trying to move the things out of the guest room, so we can eventually move Teagan in there. Then Maren can move into the nursery (that's the plan Amy!). Just moving my scrap space into the loft proved to be a major job, and with 3 kids, things don't move so quickly. The job also required another trip to Ikea, of course. I got another Expedit bookcase to store my sewing things and fabric. Maybe I'll get to work on it today........

Today we are expecting the arrival of a very special guest! Santa has sent us our very own elf ( He'll begin working tomorrow, watching the kids and reporting back to Santa.

Well, off to start the day!

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