Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You would have thought it was 20 below.....

We decided to take a walk over to Starbucks yesterday evening. I bundled the kids up like it was sub-zero temperatures out! They LOVED getting their gloves and hats on. I was pleasantly surprised that Teagan's hat (knit for her by Grandma) matched her little sweatsuit perfectly! We can't be going out street walking lookin like riff raff.

Maren wasn't quite as excited as the other two, but she sure was cute! Oh, and here is the double stroller we go rollin' in! teehee!

Declan and Teagan each got their own little hot chocolate drink. Seriously, does Starbucks have their act together or what?! Greg and I split a Pumpkin something yummy latte. DeLISH!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, they are too cute! Starbucks is so yummy! Especially this time of year!