Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Bedtime Routine.

Okay, let me start off this post by saying I know I should be in bed, it's almost 11:00. But, the house is so quiet and I can actually have some time to be by myself. It's a treat, even if I'll pay dearly tomorrow when I can't get out of bed.

It seems like when I lay down at night I lay there forever, unable to turn off my head. I'm listening for Maren, worrying that the second I fall asleep, she will wake up. Maybe it's hormonal, maybe I'm turning into a night owl (hehehe, nah), maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe, JUST maybe, it's that I want to actually complete something that I started.......

Anywhooooo....... this time last year I was working on setting up my scrap space in the 'guest room.' It used to look like this:

And then it looked like this:

Well, change is once again a brewin. We are going to move Teagan into the room formerly known as the 'guest room/scrap space.' In order to do this, we had to move my scrap space into the loft. Thank GOD we bought a house that was way to big for us 9 years ago, because we have since completely filled it up. The chairs from the loft had to go to the Living room and that is where the new bedtime routine comes into the picture.

My Mom had a great suggestion of rather than reading to each child separately, and then sitting with them, that we begin reading the kids their books together downstairs and then everyone just goes upstairs to bed. You know, like killing a few birds with 1 stone. The kids loved the idea and have been doing a really good job going to sleep after the books are done. So here I am, with my 3 pack, reading a few books before bedtime.

YES, I am aware that I am wearing the same thing in all of the photos of me lately, I swear I am washing it and taking showers. Promise. Honestly, since having Maren, I've been able to keep some of the baby weight on, and so not much of my old clothes fit. This is one of the few comfy things I have to knock around the house in.......

Alright, enough of my rambling. I should get off to bed, because Maren is waiting for me to fall asleep!


Amy said...

You are always up to something. What ya doin' with Teagan's old room?

Stephanie said...

Hey there! Glad you still have a space to scrap and didn't lose it completely. I think having all of them around for the same stories is a great idea!