Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Major slacker blogger here, checking in!

Okay, my friend that just had surgery has updated her blog and I still haven't. Oh, the shame of it all!
Yesterday was the first day back to our regular schedule, and oh boy, was I ready! Declan was excited to go back to school, but not nearly as excited as I was! Teehee...

As I mentioned, we went to Arizona for Christmas. We drove, since flying with 3 kids would have been more fun than I was up for. It took us 15 hours to get there with about 3 hours worth of stops. We recouperated over the next few days and were good and ready for when the 'chick cousins' started to arrive.

Somehow, the elf knew we were at Grandma's house and all the kids had fun looking for him each morning.

We went to my Mom's for Christmas Eve, where the kids made out like bandits. Maren got to meet my brother, sister in law Jayne and Stepdad Dan. Maren was the official pass around baby while Declan and Teagan opened their presents and 'helped' everone else open theirs. Maren had a great time playing with the curly ribbon on her present! Nana and Preiss got Declan and Teagan 'computers.' They were thrilled! Declan can work it and Teagan loves that she has something of her own with so many buttons!
Uncle Billy and Aunt Jayne gave Teagan some great duds from the Gap. She seriously had to put this on right away, she LOVES it! See the pose? I think Billy gave Declan cars so he could get down on the floor and play with them himself, but big D loved it! Here is my sister in law, Jayne, holding Maren.

Maren checking out her presents
Bubby modeling his new hat.
Here's Teagan, checking out the tree.
Me, asleep with my eyes open.....
Notice how Greg isn't in any of the photos????

I think there was 734,629 presents under the tree! Teagan's scooter Maren's rudolph. Declan's guitar.
The elf was on the tree Christmas morning!
The plate we left out for Santa and rudolph.
Here is *most* of the clan. Anyone else notice how Declan is the only one who looks bright eyed and bushy tailed?
Teagan got more bling, thank goodness!
Maren having fun!

And last, but not least, here is my sweet boy and I, hammin for the camera!

With this, I sign off.

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laurensmom said...

looks like y'all had a great christmas. lord that maren is getting so big!