Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A new phase has started.

I'm sure there will be a day that we will be grateful when the kids can get up, go downstairs, and make their own breakfast, right? Let's just say, that phase has started a little early around these parts. Several mornings over the past few weeks, the kids are already downstairs when either Greg or I come down. We've caught them coming back upstairs a few times too. They've helped themselves to breakfast, sometimes it's dry cereal in a plastic bowl. Okay, thats harmless enough. Lately though, it's been Pop Tarts. Yep, *toasted* in the toaster oven.
[insert jaw dropping smiley here]

Interestingly enough, when I picked D up from school on Monday, they had had a fire drill during preschool. They all went outside and lined up, following teacher Jane's directions. Then after school, I took them to a great big park, just down the street from his school. I noticed a house that had been on fire, with a fence all around it. We all walked over to look at the house, and I was telling the kids how the house had been on fire, the inside of the house was all black, the blinds melted in the windows. Declan asked me if the kid that lived there had been making Pop Tarts.

I told him yes, I thought so.

I was so proud of myself, using all of these 'external' lessons to reinforce my parenting at home! I mean, when these things just fall in your lap, use them!

The next morning, they made Pop Tarts again.... grrrrrr......
Oh, and did I mention that they are getting up before 7? Yeah, someone needs to tell them that Mommy doesn't have much charm that early in the morning. Seriously, someone should have told me that kids get up so early........

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Anonymous said...

LOL I feel your pain! My girls are early birds, too! And I am not! Much coffee needed here before I have any charm at all!!! MonaK2