Sunday, June 29, 2008

The 3rd Birthday ParTAY!

Teagan had her birthday party at Gymboree yesterday. She had a blast, and I'm pretty sure all her friends did too. At least I hope they all ran some of the extra energy off! Almost everyone mentioned staying inside for the past week due to smoke from the fires surrounding the area.

Running on the 'candle'

waiting... patiently... look at how cute all these kiddos are!

YUM, nuf said...

Guess who graduated to the inflatable duck tub?

We're busy trying to finish up the garage so we can put the pop up in there. I should get out there to take some pictures of that too, since Greg has practically killed himself over the past few days installing overhead storage. You know what amazes me though... is that I drive through the neighborhood and some people have NOTHING in their garage. How is that? Maybe we could keep some of our stuff there?


Amy said...

Wow! Fun times in Northern Cali eh? Don't get too sick of those my little ponies. Before you know it, she wants to get rid of them. :( Post pics of the trailer soon. I'm excited to see them. We sold ours before pool construction and now will be looking to buy one again. :)

Amy Chomas said...

Looks like a fun day! good luck with camping, we just got back and can I just say UGH??? lol