Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You know you are an adult when this is how you think...

So I have this long email all typed out to send to my girlfriend V, and then suddenly it's gone. Poof. I was going to attempt to give her a giggle or 2 at my expense, and give her the blow by blow of my morning thus far. You know, the life of a stay at home Mom. Well, go grab a drink, and I'll see if I can remember that far back...
6:50 - Teagan gets in bed with us. Wiggles and squirms.
7:00 - Greg's alarm goes off. He gets out of bed, turns on the light in the bathroom (blinding me) and then goes downstairs (grrrr).
7:20 I can't take Teagan's wiggling and squirming any more so I get out of bed. I plan to get in the shower after brushing my teeth and putting my contacts in, but Greg gets in before I can.
7:25 - Here comes Declan
7:46 - Greg needs me to find a notary in the area (it's a long story...) so I take the kids downstairs and proceed to look for notary.
8:00 - We go out to take the carseats out of the van, and fold the seats flat.
8:06 - I notice 2 dogs wandering around across the street, of course because all lost dogs find their way to my house eventually (that is where Hamish would have ended up Cheri!). I recognize these dogs from our neighborhood, I've seen them at the park. Collars, but no tags. I proceed to spend the next 20 minutes attempting to capture and leash these 2 dogs who were rather enjoying their newfound freedom. I tie them to the tree in the front yard in case their owner happens to be driving around the neighborhood looking for them. I get a blanket for them to lay on and a bowl of water to drink. Then I decide to make a "LOST DOGS" sign to hang on the tree so that no one thinks I just tied my dogs to the tree in my front yard.
8:30 - I warn Declan and Teagan to stay away from the dogs as I don't know if they've eaten today, don't want them munching on one of the kids (who by the way have been unsupervised for the last 20 minutes). I leave the front door open so we can keep our eye on the dogs thru the screen door.
8:33 - Maren is up, so I get her breakfast going.
8:35 - Milo and Otis notice the dogs out front, bark like mad and Milo craps the entire way to the garage. good times.
8:36 - Begin the pick up/disinfect process of said poop.
8:37 - Wash hands and resume Maren's breakfast.
8:47 -Notice that one of the dogs has backed out of her collar. Is running loose again. I go tighten her collar a smidge and coax her back to the leash. I think she is insulted.
8:55 - Sit down to write email to V - the rest is history.
And now, as I sit here I begin to think. Maybe I should have just let the dogs wander on. I mean, I would want someone to get my dogs if they were on the lamb. But things like, what if one of the dogs gets hurt here, or eats a non-diet food while here. I mean the dogs look like they enjoy their chow. What if one is diabetic and eats a non-diabetic dog bisquit or something, and then the owner sues us. The UPS guy brought a box while I was in the shower, what if one of those dogs would have attacked him? And then he sues us??
Then I start to wonder when I got *so* cynical? When did I truly start to believe that no good deed goes unpunished? Let's just hope that I can figure out a way to return these dogs to their owner...


Amy said...

Oh that made me giggle. I should try that some day and cronicle a few hours or even minutes. Maren's scoot is so cute! Has she seen Milo and Otis do the "carpet scoot?"

Cheri Pryor said...

You got cynical in the Home Depot parking lot one day...

Hope the doggies find their way back home. I say put some ruby slippers on them and let them click their "heals"....dogs. heal. get it? I kill me.

Sorry I laughed about the loose bowels. But that's seriously funny stuff when you ARE NOT THE ONE dealing with it.

Amy Chomas said...

Sure hope those doggies aren't still tied to your front tree and someone claimed them hehe!

barb said...

Rabies? Just think if you were bit. I was bit by a rabid animal and was told that for humans it is fatal. I went and got the shots that night to combat the rabies. Scary stuff, you want to be around to raise those beautiful kids, be careful!!!

Teresa Loop said...

No kidding, Barb. That stinks about the shots, I've heard they are painful.

I just figured since I'd seen them around the 'hood, they were safe.... but I don't think I'm taking any more chances!