Saturday, March 14, 2009

I should have done the '29 yrs old and holding' thing...

why didn't I think of that? Of course, I would have been caught by Declan. You can't pull anything over on that kid. He knew today was by 36th birthday, and I'm quite sure he's been sharing that with everyone.

Anywhooo... Woke up this morning already feeling older. And grayer. And wrinkleier. Plus, I seem to have this bronchial cough. And it hurts. I'm just chalking that up to being 36 too.

I'm going to Green Tangerine's to scrap tonight and may do some shopping on my way up to Rocklin. Old Navy has been missing me. I've got to do my stimulating the economy part there.

Just thought I'd pop on, and say thanks for the birthday wishes! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when people remember my birthday! =)


Tammy said...

A friend of mine celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday. She told everyone she was 43 that way she would hear people say.. "Wow, you look great for your age"...I thought this was extremely clever!

Happy birthday!

Stephanie H. said...

Happy birthday!! I don't think you look 36 at all!!