Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's no "Sierra Real" but it's pretty close!

Okay, 'Sierra Real' is the street name of the house I posted pictures of a few posts back. The beautiful house and the glass of wine... remember? Well, someone nabbed it up while we were distracted with a sick kid and end of the school year and birthday parties and such. In other words... we're moving on from Sierra Real. Beautiful, but it was a little out of our price range, and no room for critters.

So now we're thinking more along the lines of 'Blue Sky Road' and here are some pictures of it.

It is a short sale =(

Greg and I drove out to look at it while my Mom was here and left the the twirps at home. Turns out that was a good thing, as the owners have vacated the property, but left "Max" a 200 lb rottweiler penned up by the garage. He 'appeared' to be friendly. The fence was waist height and I'm pretty sure if he were motivated enough he could have gotten over it.

This house is overgrown. Seriously overgrown. That sidewalk is probably about 4 feet wide. It looks like they were in the process of updating when they moved out. It has a big wrap around porch, and a country kitty that followed us all around.

This is the view from the kitchen window. Yes, that is a chicken coop, *with* a chicken. I think that is my very favorite part of the whole house. I could look out my kitchen window, across my huge cottage garden, into the chicken coop! I just heard some of you gasp! LOL! (amy...)

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts are all off (think glass doors), and they have put bead board up everywhere in the kitchen. It needs trim work, and majorly cleaned.

This is looking back at the house from the chicken coop. The area on the other side of the white picket fence was supposed to the lawn, it's all dried up and dead. The ladder is next to the kitchen windows and the master retreat is the bay window upstairs. The staircase goes up to the master bath. Complete with a urinal. Greg was in love.

This is into the dining room from the entrance of the kitchen. The wallpaper freaked me out at first, but I'm getting used to it. I think they had a red thing going on in here.

This is the family room.

View from the master retreat. When we went back yesterday with our realtor, there was a sweet little deer laying under one of the oak trees. Yes, I realize that deer love cottage gardens. And I realize I won't think Bambi is so sweet after destroying the fruits of our labor. That's why we have a Mossberg. **JUST KIDDING** sort of.

I think living in the country will bring all kinds of critters, and packing heat may be a necessity. Funny thing. I live in the burbs with a huge concentration of people, some of which intend to do harm. But I'm skeered in the country??? Bobcats, coyotes, skunks, raccoons, deer (hey, they can get vicious), mice, and who knows what else could be living out there.
Thanks for reading this far. We don't have any idea how it will turn out with this house, but it sure is fun!


Stephanie H. said...

How come you guys are looking to move?

Teresa Loop said...

We've always been on the lookout for a house out in the country. We used to ride the motorcycle out there and hoping for the 'someday' that we'd live out there!

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

Owh what a lovely house and I love the surroundings!! Some parts of the house and garden indeed look like they could use some good work, but imagine how it will be after you put your personal stamp on it! :) Did you guys end up buying it? Just curious.

Btw, I followed the link to your blog on the 2peas website :)