Monday, July 20, 2009

Teresa is turning into a foodie????

I mentioned taking a series of classes from a nutritionist a few months ago. I was just gearing up when Declan got sick, my Mom visited, school got out, birthdays came and went and the dog died... In other words, when life happened. The main reason I wanted to take the courses were to learn how to cook using 'real' food. Food that is in it's original form, grown locally and organically if and when possible.

This has set a lot of things in motion at our house. Greg was on board for anything that will hold the impending heart attack at bay. He got the new appliances I posted about, he got me a grain mill, a sweet Kitchen Aid food processor, and he doesn't complain when I shop at Whole Foods. I've also recently acquired at least 10 new cookbooks (yeah, ME!) that are along the lines of eating locally, how to cook without a book, how to incorporate grains and lastly, how to bake bread daily. Phews. I spent the past weekend perusing the books, and compiling a shopping list. Like, a "I'm going to have to wait until the next billing cycle on the Am Ex" type of a list. I need a pizza stone, pizza peel, kitchen scale, oven thermometer, dough container and so forth. There is just so much to learn.
The kids start school in about 4 weeks, D will be in 1st grade, and Teagan in 4 yr old preschool. Crazy. I am still scrapbooking pictures of Declan when he was a newborn. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. It seems as if it were literally yesterday that I was completely panicked that I was going to have a 3rd baby. I mean it is insanity, but it was insanity that at that time, I could not even imagine.
Well, I guess I'd better be getting dinner ready....


Cheri Pryor said...

Once you get in the groove of 3 kids you start to wonder what in the world you were ever so panicked about, huh? lol! I remember those early days. I think you are over the hump with 2 of them in school. Good luck with the eating/cooking healthy!!

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

Just the other day I was talking about home/locally grown veggies with a friend. She lives at a farm and can grow a lot of their own things, I however live in the middle of the biggest city of the country so I don't really have that option though I'd love to grow at least some veggies in our backyard. For now I just have wineberries :)

Good luck on the healthy cooking and eating. It is FUN to cook, once you got in the rythm some, don't you think?