Monday, October 26, 2009

Cha cha changes....

This is what you see when you enter our property. I took this picture from the gate. To the left is the garage, then the driveway circles around and the barn is to the left (Maxivan is parked in front of the barn).

I took this picture back in the summer, when we first started this process. It is from the top of the steps down to the house. You can see the white lamp post just in front of Greg's car in the picture above.

This is how it looks now, this picture taken from the front of the house, back up towards the driveway. You can see the white lamp post the previous picture was taken from. Follow me? =)

I took out all those solar lights. They didn't get any direct sunlight to charge them. There must be 36 of them.

This is from the back deck towards the chicken coop.

They uncovered some treasures in all of that tall grass. I raked up 7 or 8 large piles of the downed grass. CRAZY amount of work for this city girl. My hands still hurt.

Greg wanted to paint the garage and epoxy the floor before we move in. So this past weekend, we sprayed the garage. 15 gallons of Kilz and 5 gallons of Semi Gloss. I swept up about 10 lbs of paint 'dust' off the floor. Greg also replaced the fluorescent lights with energy efficient CFL's. With the garage painted white and new lights, it looks like a brand new place!

Here are some of the before shots.

The only critters we've encountered are lizards and frogs. Apparently tarantulas are the most active right now, so the 1 that Greg removed must have been the only one dumb enough to show it's face in the day. The kids say hi to it every time we drive around the bend where Greg moved it to.

Sunday I spent the entire afternoon cleaning the upstairs hall bath. There is a reason I do not clean other people's houses for a living. I had the heebie jeebs so I just poured bleach on the floor, put on my rubber gloves and dove in. I think I will repaint the aqua to a prettier version of aqua and call it a day in there.

I'll post more pic's if I come across any other good before/afters.


Cheri Pryor said...

Looks great so far!! I can't believe how much YARD WORK you guys have done. Your hands will never be the same, but as long as you can grip a pair of scissors to scrap with it's all good! lol!

Anonymous said...

Big changes girlie, looks great! I can't wait to see things once you get settled in. Takes lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!