Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, We didn't Close on the 16th...

But we did sign our papers today. Now, the short sale banks involved just need to be paid (via our wire transfer) and signed off on.... Too bad that Capital One doesn't do wire transfers to Title Companies, and too bad that is the bank that we transferred all of the funds to to wire the money to the Title Company. Too bad we didn't realize this until Thursday eveing. Oh well, we had to wait on them right?! If all goes as planned, we should be closing this week.

Our house went on the MLS today... and had 4 showings today while we were out! Two more have called to show it tomorrow. Hopefully we will get an offer and be moving on with life. Cross your fingers for us please.

Out at the new house today Greg pressure washed the garage and I cleaned the baseboards inside. No critter encounters. Oh, except the black widow. But Greg drown her in his beer bottle. We're going to go back out tomorrow and go to the Harvest Festival at the kids new school. Hope to meet some of the country folk! Maybe talk chickens. Or tractors. =)


Cheri Pryor said...

Wow!! Sounds like things are moving FAST with the sale of your house. Yay!!! Who wants TWO mortgages? lol! Congrats on becoming a country girl. I feel like I need to start calling you Ellie May.

Amy said...

Fingers crossed that there are no hang ups and everthing goes without a hitch! ;)