Friday, October 9, 2009

Green Acres is the life for me.... I think.

I won't bore you with all the details. Lets just say we are jumping thru hoops to get our funding to go thru. We had to have the south side of the house scrapped and repainted due to the appraiser calling weathered wood and paint 'dry rot.' And we had to install the cabinet doors because he also mentioned that in the appraisal. The cabinet doors were in the process of being painted/distressed, and had all been removed. Then at the last minute the bank wanted a hand rail installed on the steps that lead down of the back deck. Okay. We're playing along because we want the house. It is weird though, to be making repairs to a house we don't own, and I don't entirely trust the lender.

Anywhoo, I took the kids out this afternoon to help Greg with the rest of the cabinet doors and while there I figured we may as well water something. Greg brought soaker hoses and we were laying them around the front walk area when Teagan sees this guy:

Greg flung it over to the other side of the street (which is a ways away) but the spider is probably back to it's home by now *shudder*

The kids were scared/fascinated. I was in flip flops. I think we'll be boot shopping tomorrow...

After that excitement was over, we got back to work. I think it looks great (except for the 6 cabinet doors I repainted yesterday with old paint, that is shiny... but we won't talk about that right now). I'm not as into the distressed look as I would have been about 5 years ago. So, they will get another coat of fresh paint, and they will match.

We put on new brushed satin hardware. Looks pretty with the granite. Bless Greg's heart, he does such a nice and perfect job on this kind of stuff. It always turns out beautifully! You can see the areas where they sanded the white paint back down to the oak.

The appraiser is going back out tomorrow to take pictures to show the bank we did the repairs they requested. Cross your fingers they don't ask us to do anything else. If all goes well, we should close on the 16th, 1 day after the seller's short sale deadline of the 15th. Amazing if you ask me!

We left after dark. The kids were too scared to go outside, in the dark. It's dark out there. Really dark. The front porch has lights, but the breaker is broken in the tripped position, so that needs to be fixed (item # 2613 in case you are counting). They had a lot of solar lights, but they aren't bright. We'll be adding some real lighting out there. So I can see the tarantulas at night. But it won't matter then, because I'll have on boots!

Lighting comes after we have the landscaping cleared and cleaned up. While I was there yesterday I had 'Nacho' come give me a quote to clear 100' fire/safety perimeter around the house, prune and trim. $1200.00. $300 more if we want it hauled away. Yipes. That comes after we have the lids for the septic tank dug up, inspected, pumped and add risers to the lids so we don't ever have to dig them up again. Most likely a lot of things will have to wait until we sell our house.

Oh, and speaking of critters. When Greg left last night, he followed Peppy La'Pue down the dirt road to Salmon Falls Road. Peppy got a little testy near the end there, and Greg swears he went into the bush and lifted his tail. We're having the 50 gallon barrel of Tomato Juice delivered, since we can't go pick it up in MaxiVan (just kidding).


Stephanie H. said...

That house is going to be super cute once you guys put all your little personal touches on it!! I love it... not the spiders though. I could do w/o those!!

Amy said...

I am glad that through your blog, you can find the humor in this. I know it is all going to be so worth it. Can't wait to come visit you at the new house!

Cheri Pryor said...

Love the cute CUTE kitchen!! Any word from the lender??