Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's been, like, forevah.

I'm so behind on blogging that I don't even know where to start. There have been 3 birthdays, 2 kids starting school, one kid hangin with me, company, my Mom moved here, my chickens started laying eggs, we stained the front porch, I talked my mom into letting me 'borrow' her wicker furniture for my front porch....... ummmmm..... Let's see, I know there is lots more.... Greg and I took a solo trip to meet Bart and Carla in Denver to see Rush, we're talking about getting a tractor (and a truck...... ) the fan broke on Maxivan, so I have no air in the front vents, lots of mice live in the wood pile, we have a contractor coming to fix a few things and install the vanity in our master bath (finally) and I'm going to design a hall/linen closet for upstairs.

Phew. I'll come back to elaborate and add pictures as soon as Greg puts whatever showed up in the Newegg box today (because our big computers took a big crap at the same time).


Amy said...

Biggest news......your mom moved to Cali! I'm happy and excited for both of you. We need a good long talk on the phone to catch up.

mullins said...

It has been, forevah! I am so glad your mom finally made it here. Hope we can meet for coffee sometime and do catch up. Miss talking to you.