Thursday, September 16, 2010

So I Found the PERFECT car!

A 4 door CONVERTIBLE!  I can probably even get 3 carseats in the back.  Plus, can't you just *see* me driving it???  While wearing these cowboy boots and a sundress, of course.

   I didn't even know what this car was, but I have seen a few of them around and finally saw that it was a VW.  Now, I just have to find one that isn't up on blocks in someones back 40.

I'm honored to see that even after not posting anything on my blog for months that I have 9 followers.  Who knew????

I would like to take some pictures of the house to upload here.  You know, to show the progress of doing nothing but working on the house for almost a year.  The funny thing about me though, is that I want it to be perfect and clean before taking the pictures.  The logical side of my brain knows that: 1. you can't really tell if something is clean or not in a picture, 2. that none of you really care if it's clean and 3. it's probably clean enough by most normal people standards.  Plus, I love to see other people's homes and imagine that you would all really like to see what all we have done around here.  I will just move my piles of clutter and take pictures.  Solved.  Stand by while I do the above mentioned.....

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Amy said...

It's a VW Thing! Really, it's a Thing. Dare ya! House looks beautiful!