Thursday, April 9, 2009

It Suddenly dawned on me

That Easter is *this* Sunday. Sheesh, where does the time go? So the 3 Loop Circus headed out yesterday morning. First we hit the donut store, picked up a dozen donuts. It just so happens that the donut store is in the parking lot of Kmart. I figured we could just walk to Kmart after donuts and get our egg dyeing kits.

I told the kids we would dye the eggs after Maren got up from her nap. After about an hour into her nap, Declan decided to 'peek' in on her, and thus that was conveniently the end of the nap. In retrospect, we should have done the eggs while she was napping, because she somehow got ahold of 1 egg, and pitched it onto the floor. I wonder why she was so cranky? Hmmmm...

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Amy said...

Can't blame the poor girl. I was jolted awake from my nap today by the damn dogs. Why do they bark randomly like the sky is falling? Hope the egg coloring was some-what clean.