Monday, April 27, 2009

The Par-tay...

Do you like the photo I chose to sum up Declan's party? Let me point out the various reasons I picked *this* photo:

~I particularly like that the dog is whizzing on the tree.
~The boys pushing and shoving each other while attempting to get in line to hit the pinata.
~All the while, Declan is oblivious to any of it, getting his own little groove on!

I set up stations to decorate cookies and door knob hangers. The cookies were a hit, I think 1 kiddo made a door hanger.

After the pinata, we went to the back yard. I had put little squirt guns in the pinata, and the kids filled them up with the water from the sand & water table. It was crazy. Greg brought out the big guns and got all the kids wet.

Once that got a little too loud and wild I redirected to opening presents.

In the end, Declan had a blast, I was hoarse from trying to be heard, and the yard and house were a mess! I have a feeling they will remember this birthday though!


Tammy said...


Love the picture of the dog peeing and the boys shoving...ahahah

Jana Eubank said...

Looks like such a fun day!

Cheri Pryor said...

I'm laughing at the dog's the first thing I noticed so it made me seriously laugh out that it was the first thing you mentioned. lol!! I also like that Teegan is standing there with the bat and no matter how much those boys fight SHE is the one with the bat and is just nicely waiting for them to stop so she can bash that sucker!